Leeds West Academy


Student Parliament Launch


Leeds West Academy are extremely proud to announce the launch of our student Parliament.

As with all significant milestones, Leeds West Academy Parliament was officially launched with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday 27th September.


Following this, students conducted their first meeting as a parliament. Students were honoured to be joined by Councillor Gruen who delivered an inspirational message before presenting each member of parliament with their introductory certificate. 


Each department had the opportunity to present their vision for the year, followed by their initial priorities. The departments will now begin their work led by the Student Parliament President.


Mr Wilcocks explained that “now in its second year, the LWA parliament have met today to launch their vision for student activity for the year ahead.


"What is very clear from our student parliament is that our students are as ambitious as us for the future of our Academy."  


We look forward to the impact that the Student Parliament will have on both Leeds West Academy and the community over the course of this year.